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Not needed much to focus on Link Building

You might have heard from other people to not focus much on the link building process as if it not done correctly it can hurt your website. Link building is not bad but focusing too much on it can be. This is because the quality of backlinks is far more important than its quantity. It’s a lot better to have one quality link from an authoritative site than one-hundred poor links from junk sites. At around eight years ago, Google doesn’t use to pay a lot of attention to the link quality. Because of this, the formation of many link farming sites and link directories would take place. You would see the deals that are as “$10 for 10,000 links” and so everywhere in the practical world. Most of the people found out that the bulk link buying like that would not help their site to get visible. Even if they drive traffic to their website, that traffic wouldn’t be targeted. If we talk about the present, having too many poor quality links not only be worthless but it also hurts your site and may your company. Getting more of poor quality backlinks is almost bad as spamming ( if not AS ). It could result in getting your site banned from Google.

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Whether you like it or not, there is no shortcut to good quality link building. If you have decided to do the link building, you need to do it naturally. You have to get people to take a genuine interest in your site or company and willingly share it in their friend’s circle.

Here are some right ways to build links:

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